my mind is boggled :)

Take some time to read this!! It seems both a little dangerous (meaning it almost borders on not being a book) and really cool. With enhanced books, think how much more involved people could be with the characters. Maybe people will be more interested in reading if there is more interaction. We take the time to interact with real people online every day, why not characters? Why not take a break from reality? That is reading for a lot of people, a break from reality. What if new softwares were created so that we could interact with our favorite characters in the same way that we interact with our friends? I would die of happiness, that’s what. Not only would it benefit the reader, but think of all of the great writing it would inspire. JK Rowling has every character, every detail completely figured out about every single character, and we only see half of what she knows (hopefully Pottermore will reveal more!). What if more authors did this and made it available. I am not saying that these new e-books will do that, but what if sometime in the future we could. My mind is blown. We will have to see what this new “enhanced ebook” is like…

Enhanced E-Books: Blowing Up the Book –

What do you think? Do you think people would care enough to delve further into the lives of the characters if they had the opportunity? 


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