re-reading mood… and some thoughts (a rant) on annotations

Lately I have found myself wanting to re-read books. For example, The Hunger Games, Graceling, and A Separate Peace. Have all been in my head lately. I decided to read the Knowles (ASP). Looking at my annotations from 8th grade is really quite interesting. The things I would notice right away now (i.e. foreshadowing, symbolism, style and theme) are things that I didn’t notice then. I am happy to experience first hand my growth as a reader just by comparing annotations from different times. 

*Just a note… I am typically not fond of defacing books (I know it isn’t necessarily “defacing” per se, but you know what I mean) . At all. I annotate for school, but I NEVER, ever dog-ear pages. I know there is a certain romance to books that have tons of dog-eared pages, and I agree that it does have a level of sentimentality, but I am not a fan. Especially on hard-covers. Oh goodness, do not let me catch you dog-earing a hard-cover. On the other hand, my friends and I did this really cool thing with John Green’s Looking for Alaska. Where we all read and annotated the same copy (a paperback) in different color ink. It was really cool to see what other people were feeling at certain points during the book. A cool thing you might want to try out! Where do you all stand on annotations?  


2 thoughts on “re-reading mood… and some thoughts (a rant) on annotations

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