Super duper Pride and Prejudice themed happenings on the interweb!!!

So, John Green is a pretty cool (aka the coolest) human. He has written a few books (aka works of art). He also runs and is Vlogbrothers on YouTube with his brother Hank. Hank (also a cool human) has started this new project called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.* Basically, Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is being told in a modern setting through the medium of a video diary. It is extremely witty and outright hysterical. I have found myself laughing out loud while watching them. Another plus is that new episodes are added every few days, so there is a very short wait!!!! Also, they need to have lots of views/ subscribers in order for them to continue being made, so click subscribe!! Here is the first episode…Enjoy!! and DFTBA :)

*Shout out to my english teacher. We just took a test on the proper use of quotation marks and I now know the rule that the title of a series is in italics and episode titles are in quotes. Yay for being a grammar nerd!!


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