Oh New York and all of its inspiration…

Did I mention that I read an amazing essay by E.B. White about New York? It’s called Here is New York. As a hopeless romantic who lives 15 miles from the city, New York fascinates me and is so enchanting. Then when I read this essay, a whole new perspective as to its magic came to light for me. For me the most interesting part is how White connects everyone to each other. The essay starts off with a description of places, not by where they are or what they look like, but by who has been there and done what there. What great writers have gotten their starts in certain apartments or got inspiration from Central Park or the corner of 81st and 5th. What actors have partied in clubs that never close. What ‘normal guys’, or even the famous ones, wasted away in pubs that still exist. Wherever you go in New York, someone has been there or done something before you. When I go there I get a great sense of being part of something larger than myself. But now I’m getting lost…

There was also a section about how within the neighborhood of New York there is an infinite number of smaller neighborhoods that are all totally self-sufficient. Areas that span 2 or 3 blocks that people are familiar with and do not want to leave. Here is New York was a lyrical piece of prose that I cannot get over– much like the city it pays homage to.


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