This post is brilliant. There are two things I want to say about it. First, this post actually explains itself. What I mean is that only an artist would take the time to analyze other artists or analyze himself in relation to the world and come to a profound conclusion. Second, once again I have found something that both inspires me and makes me sad. I agree so much with what he is saying, but then (and I feel this all the time), how am I supposed to come up with something that can explain what I feel as well as he did? It does not seem like I can. Which is really frustrating, but also challenges me, but also I just want to read this a thousand times and marvel at the miracle of someone thousands of miles away whom I do not know writing down the way that I feel and think all the time in exactly the terms I would have put it in if I could. Writing is amazing. Art is amazing. And the people who create are amazing. *Also note the colored apple from the 1997 commercial*


What do you think?

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