Updates, Admission and Fiction vs. Non

Hey Y’all,

So, holla! I am on spring break! I have been reading a ton which has made me really happy. I am reading Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz. (It is particularly apropos because I am also looking at colleges this break). What I think is intriguing about this book is that it comes across to me as a non-fiction piece. It is a novel, it says so on the cover and in the author’s note. But I find myself feeling as if it is non-fiction. Maybe it is because I am beginning this process myself, I’m not sure. I find myself comparing this reading experience to the one that I had when I read Behind the Beautiful Forevers. In my english class we discussed the fact that almost everyone in the class referred to it as a novel, when in fact it is non-fiction. Admission, as I said before, is a novel, but I find myself thinking it is non-fiction. Which brings me to the question– what makes something fiction or non-fiction in our minds? Is it the subject matter? Perhaps because I could not put myself into the shoes of the characters living in the Mumbai slum of Behind the Beautiful Forevers, it became a fictitious story to me. Perhaps because I am about to embark on the college process around which Admission is centered, that seems more real to me. Either way both reading experiences have significantly broadened my literary outlook and I think my frame of mind in general. I am discovering new styles, variations of old styles and their impact on the reader (hello, AP Lang). It’s all been very enlightening, I am enjoying it. And I am bringing it to my own writing. I have had a lot of time to write so far this break too… it’s amazing how much I can get done when I don’t have tests to study for or problem sets to do. Hope you all are making it through this so far dreary March!

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