Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone! 

I got this idea from 101 Books (which I read all the time) and thought I would make my own version of literary things I am thankful for! 

1. Independent bookstores: there is nothing like the smell of books and wood or a nametag-less person making suggestions. 

2. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech– this book made me love reading and made me realize that you can grow into stories. 

3. My friends for listening to my literary rants, supporting my work and, in some cases, coming with me to New York at midnight to listen to slam poetry. 

4. The Internet for connecting me to so many amazing people all over the world; for introducing me to new authors and literature; for expanding my community of writers. 

5. F. Scott Fitzgerald, JD Salinger and Gabriel Garcia Marquez for entirely confounding me with their short stories. 

There are lots of other things I am sure…. what are you all thankful for? 

Gobble, gobble–read on! 



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