Maybe the coolest website ever.


I happened upon last week on a website, TImes maybe, that listed the top 50 websites of 2013. I super wish that I had known about this website earlier, because the concept is really original and the format makes it very easy to read. By chance, the first time I looked at it, the week’s theme was “Long Live the Book.” The idea behind is that each week there is a theme and every day, a new article is posted that pertains to that theme. Last week was the book theme, this week is “American Dreamless.” The content is interesting and the writing is unique. I like it because it talks about really specific things that most people would not encounter in their day-to-day lives. Their tag line is “Human stories, dangerously told.” Each story surrounds an individual who has an interesting story pertaining to the week’s theme. It’s just very unique. I have linked to last week’s book theme, but I strongly encourage you to look into the archive, there is some really interesting stuff in there. Yesterday I found an article about a veteran who runs workshops to help other veterans write about their experiences. Another article that I have open in a tab is called “The Secret Life of a Manhattan Doorman.” 

I think I will leave you with that. More on Toni Morrison next week. 

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