Go with the Snow

Once again the snow is proving to be a nuisance. Snowy weather tends to come during inconvenient times, so why should this storm be any different. It is exam week for me and our whole exam schedule has been changed. But as I was sitting at my desk, trying to study, I wondered if there ever was a convenient time for a storm. Certainly, there are more convenient times than the middle of exam week. Let’s think about everything that comes with a storm: the inability to easily/quickly leave one’s house; the ability to drive safely; the need to shovel; the inescapable cold; the mountains of outerwear required to go outside; and the fact that my dog has to fight through the snow when he goes outside. Well, the last one can be pretty funny, but otherwise, snow generally brings a lot of hassle and requires extra effort.

So, is there a convenient time for a storm? It’s really about relative convenience. If there is not a lot to do, sure, more convenient. If you are prepared, more convenient. And I guess that is true about any kind of problem or challenge, it can be fine if you are prepared. But really, how often are we prepared for unexpected challenges. I did not know this storm was coming (winter is coming), that may be because I was not on weather.com, but I adapted. I reorganized my exam prep, I had a mug of hot chocolate and rolled with it. So, now I’m thinking about all of the good things that come with a snow storm: hunkering down in sweaters and blankets and socks (it’s an excuse to be extra cozy); drinking excessive amounts of hot chocolate; when I woke up this morning, there was ice on my window and the sun was reflecting through it and it was nice; catching up on reading, movie watching and TV shows; and a very entertaining twitter feed. Would next week have been better for Winter Storm Janus? Probably, but it’s okay. Sometimes you just have to sit back and say “Oy with the poodles already.” And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a (semi-unrelated) Gilmore thing, but nevertheless it applies.

This was not a particularly literary post, but I was thinking about the snow. Anyway, I have added a list of the next couple of books I’ll be reading on the Book List page, so check that out. I was supposed to go on another bookstore trip this Friday, but that is being rescheduled– stay tuned it should be a good one! Enjoy the weather, wherever you are.

Read on,

(My hot chocolate mug)


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