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Blind Date With a book!

Blind Date With a book!

Our library has been setting people up… with books! Our literary committee set up a display decked out in hearts and books wrapped in pink and purple paper and slightly ambiguos descriptions. Since we wrote the descriptions in about five minutes, they are pretty entertaining. We do this on Valentine’s Day because we have an excuse to call it “Blind Date With a Book,” but how cool would it be if this was constant? I think every library or bookstore should have a mystery/random book section. It would be an interesting experiment: How much do titles and covers affect our perceptions of books before and while we read them? Let’s start a movement. I have quoted some of our descriptions at the end… Can you guess what books they belong to?

On another note, I am really excited to road trip to a new old bookstore this weekend. That is, unless the snow thwarts our travel plans, which at the moment is quite possible (I was just informed of my school’s 5th snow day for tomorrow). It’s called Popek’s and it’s in Upstate New York. I was digging through Narratively (sidenote: this week’s topic is “Colorful Women”) and found a wonderful article about the proprietor Michael Popek. The title “The Bank of Bygone Bookmarks” grabbed my attention, but when I read the subtitle, I couldn’t click fast enough: “In a small New York town, a bookshop owner finds his calling among the love letters and photographs left in the pages of dusty old novels.” He has spent a good portion of his life finding and collecting the odds and ends that we leave tucked into the pages of our books. I am really interested in the stories of others and there is so much potential to find something really valuable in the things we leave behind. That is a long explanation of the fact that I am going to this book store this weekend, weather permitting. I will post some pictures from that event if it happens.

Sidenote #2: I cannot put Robin Sloan’s Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore down. I am completely in love with this book. It is so funny, I find myself laughing out loud. It is also just brilliant. I tweeted at Mr. Sloan and the Penumbra account, but did not receive a reply, so maybe I’ll just flood them with tweets.

If you are in the North East, good luck, stay warm.

Read on,



1. “This is a classic. If you are looking for a good romance, a strong, flawed heroine and a swoon-worthy love interest, check it out.”
2. “Wolves? Way better than Twilight. No vampires, good romance and adventure.”
3. “Whether you want to read about a human romance or one with books, you’ll love this. Romance, books and coding…need we say more?”
4. “Puppy love! (but it’s a tiger)”
5. “There is a beach involved- escape this winter insanity! A sweet romance that will warm your heart on February 14.”
6. “This book will be the ‘guy next to you’ on Valentine’s Day. Dogs, a veteran and the south– a passionate tale of love and loss.”
7. “Action and adventure, magic and love. A strong heroine and a dashing hero. Spend your Valentine’s Day captivated by the world!”

Leave your guesses in the comments!!


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