Making Stuff

Yesterday, John Green made a video that was largely about how artists create. In that video he said: “Individuals don’t really create stuff so much as they process their influences and try to build upon them in order to create something helpful for others.”

So, this is a pretty bold statement. Creators don’t really create, they synthesize. I tend to agree. I think that all artists, their work and their consumers are part of a community and partake in an unending dialogue that reflects our cultures and the human condition. Just for fun, here is a list of my favorite influences.

Here we go (in no particular order other than in which I thought of them):

Pablo Neruda
Hank Green
JK Rowling
Jane Austen
The Lives of Others
Julio Cortazar
JD Salinger
Ray Bradbury
Jonathan Safran Foer
The obituary section in any newspaper
The band Fun.
Garth Brooks
Erin Morgenstern
Sharon Creech
EB White

What are your influences?

Read on,


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