Children’s Books and New Projects

I will be graduating in a few weeks. However, before I can graduate I have to (and am excited to) complete a “May Term” project. I have decided to make a video series about children’s books. Throughout the month of May you can look forward to videos from yours truly comparing modern and ‘classic’ children’s books. My definition of each is very broad and the lines are a bit blurred, so I am looking for your input! Chapter books, picture books, kids ages 0-12. If you have any favorite children’s books or know what kids like to read, please leave suggestions in the comments, email or tweet @bookstomark!
A few examples:
Goodnight Moon
Junie B Jones
Polar Express
Walk Two Moons
The Giving Tree
Nancy Drew
A Wrinkle in Time

On another note, World Book Night is next week and I am so(oooo) excited. Tomorrow night I am going to a reception to pick up my books and then next Wednesday we will give them out and my library is having a small shindig to celebrate! I am giving away Hoot by Carl Hiaason.  More on that next week!


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