Bike4Books: Not Just a Doctor’s Appointment

So I’m not a workout fiend. Once or twice a week I will go to the gym, do my thing, low stress. In-season practices are usually my physical activity, but recently one of my teammates and I went to an indoor cycling class. I didn’t fall off the bike and I made it to the end of the class, which was a pretty serious accomplishment, trust me. But at this class they happened to be advertising a charity indoor cycling event called Bike4Books taking place this past weekend. We were super down to participate in this event. All donations went toward Project READ, which provides books to Cambridge Health Alliance facilities to give to the children who receive care and their families. I never really considered connecting medicine and reading, but I realize that they support each other. If a child receives a book when he goes to the doctor, then not only does he have a book, but also he has positive connotations of the doctor’s office. Similarly, being able to read is an integral part of socialization and development, which are both developmental and health concerns.

The event itself was fun! Also challenging because they asked us to bike up several hills. The instructor was excited about 90s music and there was a clear spectrum of participants; some were wearing biking gear and for others it was their first spin class, but everyone was spinning and having a good time.

We were really excited to be able to participate, here’s a photo (post-spin). Go check out the Bike4Books page and donate if you can!


What do you think?

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