On the day she rested Katherine
checked her email for the 53rd time that week
went to the dry cleaners
picked up a loaf of bread
called her mother for the first time in she didn’t know how long
finished reading that issue of Time from last month
then finished the People from two weeks ago.
But when she had finished that
everything had changed.

of course she had to go to work for an hour
just an hour
to sort something out
calm a feud
fix the copier
file the papers
close the windows.

On the day she rested Katherine
was late to a meeting with her father
which made her late for her spin class at the gym
she was frustrated by the effort it took to go nowhere.

Nowhere was where she went when she had been to the park
it was where she went when people saw she was hurting and she said “I’m fine”
totally fine she says
that’s her line
that’s everybody’s line.

Because when someone asks you how you are
how she is
how he is
how’ve you been since
the accident
the death
the breakup
the wedding
the baby
“I’m fine”
because they want
to move on to how he she they feel

but I want to know your life story
I want to know about every birthday
sad day
mean day
great day funny day
lovely person that you’ve had, known, been

I know every thought every question every memory I’ve ever had
But I only know the ones you tell me
I forget that you are just like me

On the day that Katherine rested
Jill cried
Angie went shopping
John took a cab to his sister’s house
Paul lit a cigarette for the first time
Jamie died and all were tested.


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